Gail Ow
Product Manager, Ixia Solutions Group

How big is your datacenter?

February 12, 2019 by Gail Ow

Today, there are over 1.9 billion websites, and it’s growing by the second!  That’s a lot of internet traffic, and a fun fact…unless it’s your job to protect that traffic. Why? 

Because your network is always vulnerable. The average SMB is attacked more than 40 times a day. 

But what if you manage an Enterprise network, a colocation centre, or a hyperscale data center? You could be attacked millions of times a day. 

Total insight into all that traffic coming into your network is critical to protecting yourself from unwanted surveillance and hacking attempts. But nothing is free. Not floor space, not rack space, not light loss, and certainly not conduit graveyards full of unused fiber that could be removed, but honestly, is never removed.

So maybe you’re building a new datacenter.  And you understand the parallels between the real world and the digital world. To physically protect your datacenter you have doors, locks, and badging systems. You have fingerprint and retina scanners, server cages, and security cameras. Why? Because you can’t protect what you can’t see. And the same is true of your network.

So when your livelihood is on the line, why trust anyone but the experts? We’ve been monitoring networks since 1996-- back when we had to explain that network tapping was just like wire tapping, except for networks. Before folks started inventing acronyms for it.  

We’re Ixia, and you probably benefit from Ixia technology even if you've never heard of us!  Because even the experts trust and use Ixia for their network test and monitoring needs:

                                      15 of the top 15 networking vendors 
                                      47 of the top 50 carriers, and 
                                      77 of the Fortune 100

Visit Ixia at Keysight Booth #2600, at the OFC Expo in San Diego, March 5-7, 2019. We’ll be announcing an innovation in tapping for data centers. Because the internet is big. And so is your datacenter.

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