Keith Bromley
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Ixia

How To Create Plug And Play Solutions for Network Visibility

December 22, 2016 by Keith Bromley

Equipment usability is one of the most important factors contributing to the total cost of ownership of any purchase. You want, and need, something that is easy. For a network packet broker (NPB) management system, what you really want is something that is plug and play. Who wants to sit around creating data filters for monitoring tools? At the same time, filter creation needs to be quick, simple, and hitless.

So how do you accomplish this? Vendor selection is the most important component. Look for a vendor that uses an intuitive interface. That way, you don’t need training—you just jump right in and start using the system. Intuitive means drag and drop and point and click. No command line interface (CLI) or Boolean algebra allowed.

The next thing to look for in the network packet broker solution is a filtering engine that automatically enables multiple, overlapping rules to be applied transparently. This means that you don’t need to create a mapping system and you can rest assured that NO packets are being dropped. All of the complexity of designing a filter, creating it, and testing it’s accuracy have been abstracted away for you. Creating a filter should be easy.

What about application data? That should be easy too. You don’t want to have to create your application definitions, test them, and then continually update them, correct? A good packet broker has hundreds of application signatures pre-defined. Bad packet brokers give you a “cookbook” and a CLI/Regex interface for you to create and troubleshoot your own signature definitions.

What happens when you have multiple users that need different kinds of data? Again, the last thing you need is to write command line strings or create map associations. There is a better, easier way. The NPB should allow for filters that contain the ability to capture multiple overlapping data and pares one or more copied of that data to different filters.

The NPB should also support the ability for role-based permissions so that everyone can create their own filters without any worries of inadvertent filter changes. The different filters can be locked down to prevent others from changing your specific, purpose-built filters.

The Vision ONE system and Ixia Visibility Architecture uses a drag and drop user interface that is simple to understand and simple to use. Why make things complicated?

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