How an Intern Became a Full-Time Employee

July 9, 2018 by Nicole Mitchell
First Day of Internship

The end of my junior year of college was drawing near, and I had the frightening realization that this was the final summer before I entered the ‘real world’.  I was majoring in Information Management and Technology.  Although everyone told me it was a very marketable major, I still had zero idea what career path I would pursue with it.  I searched for internship opportunities throughout the semester and am extremely grateful that I came across the Marketing Engineer position at Keysight Technologies.  When going into the internship, I remember thinking that this was my chance to find out what I wanted to do for a career.  It turned out that Keysight had the exact same thing in mind.

Hike with co-workers and interns

During my internship, my manager was not only dedicated to helping me be successful with the projects I had been assigned, but was also invested in finding me a full-time career at Keysight.  I was on a team with two other interns who also shared the same interest in finding their place in the professional realm. When we first arrived, we already had a list of people for us to meet.  Each of these individuals worked in different parts of the company including: sales, marketing, hardware, and software.  Everyone we spoke with was excited to tell us about their role at Keysight and were more than willing to take time out of their busy schedules for three interns.  The goal here was to get us exposed to every aspect of Keysight to broaden our horizons and give us the best possible chance to find a home there.

Throughout the course of the summer, I decided that I wanted to be within the marketing field at Keysight; however, I still wasn’t quite sure how I fit into such a big company.  I expressed this to one of my mentors, who was also in the marketing field.  She set aside a lot of her time to go over the entire marketing structure of the company and all the possible career paths I could take.  The fact that she had spent so much time and energy explaining this really showed just how much she cared. 

Co-worker let the interns fly her plane

The overwhelming amount of support continued from all directions through the duration of my entire internship, and I have continued to receive this support even after my internship came to an end.  After completing my internship, the conversations about future employment continued.  My manager would ask me in depth questions about what I wanted out of my career and how I saw myself best fitting into Keysight.  Even though she knew I would no longer be on her team, her only goal was to find me a place here at Keysight.

In March of 2018, I signed my official contract to start full-time at Keysight as a Marketing Associate.   It is now my fourth week at Keysight working out of the office located in Santa Rosa, California and my perspective on Keysight has not changed.  My current manager and the rest of the team continue to support me and focus on my growth to ensure that I can be successful within this organization for years to come.