Jeff Harris
Chief Marketing Officer

How Strong Is Your Foundation

October 15, 2017 by Jeff Harris

At Ixia, we are industry experts in large-scale network testing as well as handling large volume network visibility. Every one of the world's top 15 network equipment manufacturers rely on our tests to verify their equipment before they ship, and 77 of the Fortune 100 rely on us for some aspect of their network operations - whether for network taps, bypass switches or network packet brokers. Whether before and after a network goes live, chances are someone turned to Ixia. We sit at the foundation.

But this blog is not about Ixia, it's about the concept of the foundation. I once heard a story told by a guy who had an amazing home. It was expansive, thoughtfully laid out, and decorated beautifully. He worked hard all his life bringing himself out of poverty to afford such luxury and he was proud of it. He would talk about every visitor to his home being in awe, and he was proud to show it off. And in every tour, though, he would include a visit to the basement, slapping his hand furiously on the concrete walls and with big animation in his voice that teetered on anger, he would rave about how none of this was possible without the foundation. A strong foundation, he said, is everything.

In April of this year, Ixia was purchased by Keysight Technologies, a company many people may not have heard of (yet). That's because Keysight, as a company name, is only a few years old. Before that it was Agilent's test business, and before that it was the business on which HP was founded. As a business, Keysight also sits at the foundation of many of the world's greatest innovations, making them possible. But that too is not the story.

The story of foundation is about the people, who were tested this past week with the fires in Santa Rosa, California. For the last seven days, the world got to witness nature's devastation at its most fundamental as a horrific fire ripped through a section of Northern California that has Keysight's headquarters squarely in its center. Dozens of Keysight employees have lost their homes and tens of thousands of residents across the region have been displaced during the evacuation. Throughout all this, though, was glimpse at what a solid foundation is all about. It is about leadership, about communities coming together, and about resolve.

Ron Nersesian, Keysight's CEO and we are proud to say, our leader, showed the world what a strong foundation truly means. I could not craft words any better or more impactful than those in the San Francisco Chronicle article from this week titled, Grace Under Pressure: One CEO's Efforts to Manage Wildfire Crisis.

What truly sits at the foundation of any business is its people, and we are all proud to be part of the Keysight family.

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