Huawei S12700 Series Agile Switches Tested with Ixia

April 29, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

The rising strain on networks due to increases in network traffic and bandwidth-heavy applications mean enterprises and service providers must ensure their networks work – “just” work – every place and every time. A large part of the burden is on equipment manufacturers to deliver innovative networking technologies that keep up with the pace of change, while still delivering a reliable solution.

To help ensure this goal, Huawei recently selected Ixia for a Full Mesh RFC 2544 performance test of their S12700 series agile switches’ 10GE ports. For this specific test – covering throughput, delay, jitter, and other metrics – Huawei used Ixia’s Xcellon™ next-generation testing architecture. The Xcellon testing architecture is designed to adapt and fully support complex networks, including Software-Defined Networks (SDN), which are changing the dynamics of business IT.

Huawei S12700 Series Agile switches are designed for next-generation campus cores, addressing requirements of mobile productivity, BYOD, cloud service and applications, real-time multimedia, and unified communications, as well as comprehensive protection of enterprise IT infrastructure. Additionally, these switches use an innovative Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) for flexible packet processing and traffic control capabilities, which not only meet current standards but also future service requirements – helping build a highly scalable network.

Chosen to demonstrate the S12700 switches’ performance under real world conditions, the Xcellon-Flex breaks the terabit traffic generation barrier in a single chassis while offering full layer 2-7 testing capabilities and the ability to adapt to changing needs through a flexible combination of port resources. The results from the Ixia Xcellon-Flex tests demonstrated that the product featured full line-rate forwarding capacity across the industry’s highest density 10GE ports, and helped ensure that their S12700 Series switches work as described.

Ixia’s Xcellon-Flex has assisted companies like Huawei test their network technologies at previously unimagined scale, as well as validate next-generation core and data center networks. Its flexibility provides the performance, scalability, and energy efficiency needed to address the test requirements of next-generation networks today, and in the future.

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