Increase Your Network and Applications Visibility with Splunk Enterprise and Ixia IxFlow

May 22, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Today’s networks are comprised of silo-based technologies and disconnected and outdated point solutions. They are also missing analytics around KPIs like usage and user trends. This complexity hampers agility.

Stela Udovicic, Splunk Sr. Product Marketing Manager, described how her company is providing end-to-end visibility across the entire data center, reducing troubleshooting times for their customers by 75-95%.

Splunk uses Ixia Network Visibility Solutions to get physical and virtual network data. It has added the newly-released Ixia Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP) to bring to Splunk solutions real-time application flow metadata, information is vital to garnering a complete picture of your network.

Splunk provides enterprise-wide visibility by accessing any machine data, enabling a full end-to-end view across the entire data center. With the ability to ingest any type of data, Splunk provides superior troubleshooting, visualization, and problem analysis, and by putting all of that information in one place, it can help IT achieve end-to-end visibility across the entire software, hardware and services stack. This allows comprehensive operational analyses like capacity, security, and root cause analysis.

Splunk uses Ixia’s ATIP’s IxFlow to get rich application identification at Layer 7, allowing identification of traffic such as social media, cloud sharing, and other difficult-to-monitor traffic. It provides geolocation of the source of application traffic by area, country, and sub-region and makes is easy to dynamically-classify and monitor custom applications. IxFlow filters traffic flows to types of interest and permits usage reporting and quick trouble isolation.

Splunk’s platform for IT operational intelligence is available as a free web download and comes with access to more than 500 pre-built dashboards that available in their appstore, Splunk Apps. Ixia’s IxFlow app is available now in Splunk Apps.

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