Intelligent Cyber Security for the Real World

February 27, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Network security visibility is a hot topic here at RSA. Doug Hurd, technology alliances, Sourcefire (a Cisco company), spoke to our audience about how the company is improving customer security through extensibility and collaboration. Its Open Security Framework drives integration, resulting in faster time to resolution, smarter and faster policy management, and overall better security.

Ixia’s Net Optics Bypass Switch and xBalancer are part of this Sourcefire open framework. With the Sourcefire NG IPS, visibility is everything: you need to see all the traffic and understand the network you are protecting. But security gear competes for real estate in the data center. Ixia/Net Optics solutions offer a centralized on-demand access infrastructure for extending visibility into your network.

The Ixia/Net Optics solutions allow filtering of traffic prior to inspection, so customers can avoid having to oversize appliances. Additionally, the Net Optics Bypass Switch allows removal and reinstallation of the IPS without network interruption.


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