IxChariot 8.0 and IxChariot Pro Conducts Real-Time Assessments and the Active Monitoring Required to Improve Critical Business Operations

March 27, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

As network deployment models evolve and cloud computing and virtualization lead to data center consolidation, enterprises are increasingly embarking on these high-profile initiatives and cannot afford to overlook network performance variables. Traditional views of networks do not deliver the scalability and reliability needed to predict and optimize performance in enterprise networks that are becoming increasingly borderless. The latest release of IxChariot enables enterprise network architecture teams and IT operations professionals to measure and optimize real end-to-end application performance during network design, staging and live operations.

New networking technologies, including virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, unified communications and rich media services, offer significant IT benefits; however, they also add to network complexity and can cause performance degradation.

Enterprises need the ability to confidently assess the performance characteristics of any application running on wired and wireless networks. They need to measure the performance and reliability of their networks with confidence.

The IxChariot suite is the industry's leading test tool for simulating real-world applications to predict device, system, and network performance under realistic load conditions. Comprised of the IxChariot Server and Performance Endpoints, the IxChariot product family features a new web interface accessible from most platforms that support HTML5-aware browsers.

The product is suitable for enterprise teams looking to simulate various protocols and applications in a distributed network across thousands of endpoints.

  • Assess your network with realistic apps – create realistic applications to validate network performance with enterprise traffic simulation
  • Network SLA verification – end-to-end test of the network to verify SLA commitments
  • Validate hypervisor performance – 100% software endpoints can be deployed to any number of virtual guests to validate VM-to-VM or VM-to-physical networking performance
  • Instant network troubleshooting – deploy software endpoints to your mobile IT worker’s system to spot check issues with the network or connectivity
  • Voice over IP readiness – introduce hundreds of real-time voice communication traffic and verify that voice calls are meeting quality expectations
  • Mobile IT worker – download IxChariot endpoints from Apple Appstore or Android marketplace to verify WiFi performance within the office and proactively fix issues arising from BYOD

For more information, see our press release.

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