IxChariot 8.0 Released!

February 27, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia is pleased to announce the release of IxChariot 8.0 EA. IxChariot 8.0 EA is an "Early Adopter" release. It has a new web application to run tests and updated endpoints. It requires floating and console seat license(s) to operate. Review the licensing requirements and installation notes before attempting to use or upgrade.

What’s New for This Release

New Features in IxChariot 8.0

  • Virtual management server – easy deployment of IxChariot web app server on or off-premise with an OVA
  • New HTML5 based web application – a zero client installation to run IxChariot tests
  • New Endpoints – IxChariot 8.0 has new endpoints exclusively for use with the new web app and its latest features. Download from our endpoint library.
  • Interactive real-time statistics – Interactive charts in your browser, with selectable aggregation levels
  • Exclusively runs with floating licenses – simplifies the use pair counts to be used easily across different versions of IxChariot
  • Application Library support – more than 80 popular TCP-based applications delivered by Ixia ATI team
  • Multi user system – IxChariot 8.0 web app supports multiple users and test sessions simultaneously
  • Classic network performance assessment – supports TCP, UDP and RTP flows with ready to run templates – IPv4 and IPv6 tests are supported
  • Manage test resources – A built-in resource manager to import test scripts, applications, mixes and flows

Features and Capabilities Not Supported In IxChariot 8.0

  • Voice over IP test type
  • Video, Multicast test type
  • QoS - DSCP and TOS settings
  • VLAN configuration
  • Ability to edit scripts directly in browser
  • Detailed control of run-time options and past test runs
  • Ixia Chassis support (e.g. 400T2, XM2, XM12, XG12, XGS12)
  • Management of Endpoints over IPv6 network addresses (Test traffic over IPv6 is supported)

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