Ixia and NSS Labs Team Up to Deliver Critical Network Security Testing Expertise

October 28, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Author: Fred Kost

Ixia announced a partnership with NSS Labs, a leading information security research and advisory company, to provide customers with the tools and knowledge needed to test and validate network security in their labs. In combination with Ixia’s award-winning security solutions, the new NSS Test Packs provide enterprises and equipment manufacturers the ability to find network security issues and failures in their own labs prior to deployment, saving time and costs.

To make a sale, equipment manufacturers know that their devices must withstand the scrutiny of potential purchasers, and that includes the reports they read from independent test organizations like NSS Labs. On the other hand, IT decision makers who feel it is safer to select only devices that have undergone third-party testing, limit their options when making large purchases. To open new opportunities for both equipment makers and the organizations whose profitability depends on their devices, Ixia and NSS Labs have partnered to now offer out-of-the-box, in-house standardized testing for network security device validation.

Ixia’s support for the NSS Test Packs provides customers both the expertise of what test methodologies are needed to ensure network infrastructure security and the technology solution needed to perform the tests. This combination helps customers speed time to market and use critical resources on their products—not on test development and cycles.

By using this joint solution and the initial Intrusion Prevention System and Next Generation Firewall test methodologies:

  • Enterprises can now execute their own testing using the same proven methodologies used by NSS Labs to assess security, performance and resiliency in their network environments.
  • Network equipment manufacturers can gain actionable insight on issues and test failure in their labs prior to the product shipping.
  • Global service providers can test and verify that their large-scale and bandwidth heavy data centers are protected against attacks from today’s complex and evolving security landscape.

You can watch Vikram Phatak, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for NSS Labs, discussing the NSS test packs on our website.

For more information see our press release.

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