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Ixia at Bsides and Black Hat 2019 Las Vegas - See You There!

July 26, 2019 by Jason Lackey

Ever wonder why security is such a big deal recently?

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers:

  • 70 million records were stolen from poorly configured S3 buckets
  • Powershell script attacks are up 10x from last year
  • 91% of attacks start with a phishing mail
  • The global cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021

As trends like architectural changes continue to evolve, IT is going to face additional challenges with regards to security including how to defend data on infrastructure they don’t own, which goes hand in hand with how to get visibility into traffic they don’t own. IoT will continue to up the difficulty factor as more and more consumer devices spawn wifi networking stacks and join the network.

The good news is that there are opportunities for IT and others to learn how to up their game against the bad guys and the upcoming Black Hat and Bsides shows in Las Vegas are great places to do that, and have a bit of fun as well.

Bsides Las Vegas – Tuscany Suites and Casino, Las Vegas, August 6-7 - Chill Out Section

See Ixia at Bsides Las Vegas 2019

Bsides started in 2009 largely as a community based venue for those not selected to present at Black Hat, an underground rebel version of the original underground rebel infosec show. Over the years the size and sophistication of Bsides has grown until we ended up with what we have today. Come see us in the Chill Out section.

Mission Impossible – Madalay Bay Foundation Room, August 6, 6:00PM-9:00PM

Join Ixia, Kudelski Security and your peers from across the industry attending Black Hat USA 2019 for Mission Impossible at the Foundation Room atop the Mandalay Bay. It’s where problem solving meets the best views of the Strip, along with great music and fine cocktails. Register Here.

Happy Hour with Ixia and ExtraHop, Franklin Lounge, The Delano, August 6, 10:00PM-Midnight

Join Ixia and ExtraHop for a festive happy hour at the Franklin Lounge in The Delano..

Black Hat USA – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, August 7-8, Both 1275 with Bricata

Black Hat USA 2019 - See Ixia and Bricata at Booth 1275

Black Hat – considered by many to be the premier security event of the year, Black Hat can trace its roots back to 1997 and tends to be more interesting than your typical show/conference. Hotel networks have been hacked. Hotel ATMs have been hacked. Malware infected USB drives have been left on the floor – the list goes on. The mix of characters from both sides – hard core hackers and shaved headed feds, makes for interesting people watching on top of the top notch security presentations.

Join us at Booth 1275 with partner Bricata. We’ll be there showing how network packet brokers, taps and bypass switches can help even the best network security tools work even better. Learn more about the joint Ixia/Bricata solution.

Looking for more? Here's our Black Hat/Bsides Event Page.