Lalithya Divi
Application Protocol Engineer

Ixia Captures Real-World 2016 Application Traffic Trends

November 15, 2016 by Lalithya Divi

Observing the 2016 Sandvine Global Internet Phenomenon report for the Africa, Asia Pacific, and Middle East regions, it is evident that web traffic and YouTube share 50% of the entire traffic distribution.


Figure 1: Traffic Distribution for Middle East

It is interesting to see that Facebook (Including WhatsApp and Instagram traffic) controls a significant amount of the mobile traffic from the Middle East regions. WhatsApp and Facebook reach the top 10 applications in all the regions, as expected. Unlike other regions where one or two applications drive much of the Real-Time Entertainment category, in Asia-Pacific, multiple applications (some included in the top-10 below, and some just outside of it) including YouTube, Dailymotion, MPEG, and PPStream are responsible for driving traffic.


Figure 2: Traffic Distribution Asia Pacific

Africa however is the only region where Opera mini remains among the top 10 traffic contributors.


Figure 3: Traffic Distribution for Africa

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