Ixia Expands Brazilian Presence with New Rio de Janeiro Office

May 14, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Today’s an exciting day here at Ixia – we’re officially opening our new office in Rio de Janeiro! Globally, both wireless and wired networks continue to grow in importance. At the same time traffic demands are on the rise as well. It’s critical that companies provide their customers with the network quality of experience (QoE) they demand. With the increased presence in Brazil, Ixia is excited to work with the country’s enterprises and service providers to further help them build and maintain next-generation networks to meet these demands.

The team based in Rio de Janeiro will strengthen our relationships with the service providers and enterprises by offering our full suite of network visibility, security, and wireless and wireline test solutions. Service providers in Brazil will have the actionable insight needed to improve and accelerate service delivery, validate network technology interoperability, and improve network performance and resiliency. Additionally, enterprises will have access to the solutions that help improve network and application visibility and performance, find and eliminate network security vulnerabilities.

Expanding in Brazil with our new corporate office means that we can now work more closely with enterprises and service providers in the region to help them provide fast, secure, and reliable networks.

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