Ixia Helps Extreme Networks Demonstrate Purview at Interop

April 3, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Extreme Networks had a demonstration of their just-released Purview network-powered application analytics and optimization solution (nominated for a The Best of Interop award).

Purview is a first-of-its kind network-powered application analytics and network optimization solution that integrates with the network data that carries context of users, devices, locations and applications in use. Purview captures network data and then aggregates, analyzes, correlates, characterizes, and finally reports such data; thereby providing unprecedented insight into how and why systems and users perform.

At the show, Extreme Networks used one of Ixia’s XG12 chassis equipped with two Xcellon Multis cards, in conjunction with Ixia’s AppLibrary, to blast 400Gbps at Purview. The successful demonstration highlighted both the success of Purview and the need for real-world traffic conditions so that your customers know they are getting ready-for-market products.

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