Ixia Network Visibility Solution Enables Complete End-User Visibility with Compuware DC-RUM

April 3, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

On the last day of Interop, Ixia started off with a talk from Compuware’s Senior Director of APM Solutions Strategy Bruce Ecklund, discussing how Ixia’s Visibility Architecture helps Compuware’s DC-RUM product obtain traffic visibility for end-user experience and real-time application performance monitoring.

Today, over 73% of network and application issues are still reported by the end user (and only 2% of users actually call to report them)! Most of those problems require more than one person to resolve.

Compuware APM Data Center Real User Monitoring features the industry’s most reliable and scalable solution for monitoring enterprise applications. Unlike other solutions, Compuware APM provides a complete view of all applications, for all users, all transactions, and all locations, 24/7. It helps complete the performance picture by providing an executive-level view of application performance, end-to-end visibility for all applications, and domain isolation across complex multi-tiered applications.

For this to work, DC-RUM needs data from the network. Getting data can be a difficult task, complicated by:

  • Lack of SPAN ports and taps
  • Monitoring blind spots
  • Tools getting all the traffic they need
  • Constantly increasing bandwidths
  • Changing troubleshooting and monitoring needs
  • Unneeded and redundant traffic

In order to get the data in needs from the network, DC-RUM leverages Ixia’s Visibility Architecture (including the newly released NTO 7300). Ixia’s Visibility Architecture provides:

  • Network visibility from all network tiers
  • Simplified deployment and interoperability with other tools
  • Maximized efficiency by filtering and de-duplication of unneeded traffic
  • Load balancing for scalability in 10GE, 40GE, and 100GE environments
  • Access to virtualized traffic

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