Ixia Network Visibility Solutions Provide Full Data Center Access to Endace Intelligent Network Recorders

April 2, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team


First up this morning for Ixia at Interop, we have Endace’s Senior Channel and Alliances Marketing Manager Sonny Singh (with Ixia’s Greg Copeland) discussing how Ixia’s network visibility architecture get Endace’s Intelligent Network Recorders their needed data center information.

Endace believes that Investments in network health have four categories:

  • Prevention – Sit in the network and stop known bad things from happening
  • Detection – Detection of events that may be bad and were missed by prevention tools; generate alerts
  • Response – Help engineers respond to any kind of network-related problem fast
  • Root Cause – Enable engineers to understand exactly what happened and why

Endace’s Intelligent Network Recorder provide network operators with the ability to record incoming and outgoing data streams of up to 100Gbps speeds. This is a necessary measure for when network incidents occur that require precise timestamps and/or traffic information.

How do Endace’s products get access to the data? Ixia’s network Visibility Architecture. The major challenges customers face in getting accurate data to their tools are:

  • Lack of SPAN port and taps
  • Monitoring blind spots
  • Getting tools all the traffic they need
  • Constantly increasing bandwidths
  • Changing troubleshooting and monitoring needs
  • Removing un-needed and redundant traffic

Ixia’s visibility architecture (including the new NTO 7300) allows our customers (including Endace) to:

  • Obtain complete network visibility
  • Simplify deployment and eliminate manual error prone steps
  • Maximize efficiency for recording, analyzing and protecting networks
  • Easily Scalable in 10GE, 40GE, and 100GE environments
  • Immediate access to data for root cause analysis and compliance
  • Programmability via Ixia and Endace RESTful APIs

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