Bogdan Tenea
Product Specialist, Automotive & Industrial Ethernet

Ixia participates at the 4th IEEE Automotive Ethernet Techday

October 5, 2016 by Bogdan Tenea

The IEEE Automotive Ethernet and IP Technology Day is the biggest event of the year that addresses the transition of traditional in-vehicle networking technologies, such as CAN, LIN, and FlexRay to a special physical layer of Ethernet that is specially designed for automobiles. The IEEE has standardized this flavor of Ethernet, which works on a single pair of copper cables and that takes into consideration automotive electrical and cost constraints like 802.3bw\100BASE-T1. This transition to Ethernet, which has been traditionally a best-effort service, brings in new Ethernet requirements to assure bandwidth, latency, and time synchronization between automotive electronic control units (ECUs). These are addressed by IEEE enhancements to previous versions of Ethernet called Audio Video Bridging (AVB) / Time-Sensitive Network (TSN), which provide a time-bound, reliable way of transmitting audio, video, and control data over Ethernet.

Ixia and its automotive test house partner, C&S Group, were present with a booth, demonstrating products and services that cover the conformance, performance, and robustness testing of Automotive-Ethernet-enabled switches and TCP/IP-enabled ECUs. Ixia was also present in the AVnu Alliance booth, an industry consortium driving IEEE 802 AVB/TSN open, standards-based deterministic networking. There, together with Renesas and UNH-IOL, we showed the first public interoperability and performance demo of a new Ethernet standard called IEEE TSN 802.1br preemption, which enables future use-cases for Ethernet to run critical control traffic, bringing the autonomous car closer to the mass market (more press coverage here).


My colleague Alon Regev and I spoke during the conference about an ongoing industry debate: Is AVB really much better than using classic IEEE 802.1Q™ queuing? The presentation showing the benefits of AVB-enabled Ethernet over previous generations of Ethernet is based on measurements taken at Ixia’s iSimCity laboratory in Silicon Valley using the IxNetwork AVB/TSN test solution. Also, on the IEEE Techday site, you can find Ixia’s previous edition presentations, covering topics such as Standardization for efficient testing of Automotive Ethernet ECUs and Testing the Security and Performance of Automotive Ethernet ECUs.