Jeff Harris
Chief Marketing Officer

Ixia Smarter Security at RSA 2016

March 4, 2016 by Jeff Harris

This week at the RSA conference in San Francisco, our Ixia team dominated the landscape with a sea of Ixia bags and a powerful message of Smarter Security. This begged the question from several passersby asking: What does Ixia do to make security smarter?

It is a valid question. Those who know Ixia have known us as the either a leader in testing products or having the best network visibility products – or both. So what do either of those have to do with Security? It turns out, everything, so I thought it would be worth summarizing.

During development, how much did you push your products, or application, or new network security architecture to its edge? Did you test to make sure it handles protocols correctly and that your network topology is stable? Did you test its ability to withstand lots of user loading? How about its ability to withstand attack? Maybe you want to have a complete development test platform to make sure your team is disciplined in their testing regiment. Better testing leads to stronger applications that are more capable of withstanding larger attacks. That is how Smarter Security gets boosted in Development.

Ixia’s IxSecure architecture looks at applying security practice for both offense and defense across four pillars of protection: in Development, in Training, in Monitoring, and in Defending. Those four pillars are common activities in every organization and since everyone is in a hurry these days, security is not always what drives us.

If you are interested in reading about how to implement Smarter Security in Development, Training, Monitoring, and Defending, look at our IxSecure white paper or click on "Contact Us" on any of our pages. We want to help make your applications stronger and your world more secure.