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Ixia at Tech Field Day 19

June 27, 2019 by Jason Lackey

We have a long history of working with Steve Foskett (@SFoskett) and his band of merry men (and women) on the Tech Field Day and Network Field Day teams. In the past we were in Networking Field Day 13 and later in Tech Field Day 15 and Networking Field Day 17 with Mellanox and Cumulus. This time it was our honor to be at Tech Field Day 19 (#tfd19) in Santa Clara.

Steve has put together a great forum where he gathers a panel of IT professionals, commentators and bloggers and gets them together with innovative companies in the networking, tech, security and cloud space. This enables fantastic synergy where the Tech Field Day delegates get to interact with the people who are bringing the technology to market while on the flip side letting the vendor reps, usually product types, meet and interact with potential customers and influencers. It’s a great venue to introduce new products and positioning because the delegates are all very sharp and suffer no fools.

Recep Ozdag
Recep Ozdag, Ixia VP and General Manager of Visibility Products, kicks things off at Tech Field Day 19

Recep Ozdag (@DrOzdag), our VP and GM of Network Visibiltiy, kicked things off with an intro to Ixia, our parent company, Keysight, and how we got here.

Next, Recep provided an introduction to network visibility fundamentals. Big drivers of network visibility include security - including coping with BYOD, IoT and encryption with TLS 1.3 only adding to the challenge. Some cameras have been found to ship with malware - making things even harder. Here's the video.

Taran Singh - Ixia Sr. Director of Product Management
Taran Singh, Ixia Sr. Director of Product Management, introducing Vision X

Next, Taran SIngh, Sr. Director of Product Management, introduced our latest and greatest network packet broker, the Vision X. Data is one of the most prized possessions in the enterprise, with volumes ever increasing in a world where IoT, edge computing, private, public and hybrid cloud are making things harder than ever. These are some of the reasons we build Vision X

Wrapping up his session, Taran concluded with a look at the network performance monitoring and visibility capabilities of the Vision Edge 1S, a device we developed in particular to help customers better support edge and branch sites. Interesting to note how the delegates were interested in the concept of synthetic monitoring.

Sushil Srinivasan, Ixia Sr. Director of Product Management
Sushil Srinivasan, Ixia Sr. Director of Product Management, explains the goodness of CloudLens

Sushil Shrinivasan, Sr. Director of Product Management, wrapped things up with a look at how Ixia Cloud Lens provides much needed visibility into virtual and cloud environments. You have probably heard of the challenge of visibility into east-west traffic. Here's your solution.

Times are changing. Bandwidth consumption continues to rise. BYOD is still there but has been joined by the Internet of Things meanwhile network architectures are changing - more workloads are moving to the cloud, edge compute is on the rise while the network is increasingly critical not only to user quality of experience but to the core business. Ixia is here to help - allowing those who build and run networks to have better visibility into what is happening on the network. Now, as operational and security challenges get harder than they ever have been in the past, it is more important than ever to know for sure rather than guess. That is what we are here for.

See you next time!