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Ixia Top 10 Blogs – Past 6 Months

October 15, 2018 by Jason Lackey

Oh Boy It's Finally Here

If you are sufficiently old, you may recall Casey Kasem, DJ and radio personality, who for decades ran a show called the American Top 40 where he would recap the Billboard Magazine ranked top 40 pop songs. We’re going to try to channel some of his long running magic (he announced his retirement 39 years after his first Top 40 countdown) with a Top 10 Blog posts as measured by traffic.

Like Casey, we’ll count up from the bottom, starting with number ten.

10. Fiber Taps – Y Cables Matter – 690 views

Passive optical network taps are fundamentally robust and reliable. No moving parts, no electronics. Like anvils, they tend to work. However, in new implementations, customers will sometimes complain that they don’t and most often the reason is they were installed incorrectly and Y Cables are one way to reducing such errors.

9. Automation 101: The REST is the Future – 703 views

Representational State Transfer, or more commonly called REST, is an architectural style that leverages HTTP and its simple verbs like GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE for interaction between two entities. In short, a standardized API that makes it far easier to integrate systems. Learn how we are better enabling our customers and their applications with the BreakingPoint REST Library.

8. Inline and Out-of-Band: The ABCs of Network Visibility – 818 views

You have decided that you need a network visibility solution. Good choice. Now do you want to go Inline or Out-of-Band and what are the implications of those two options? This piece breaks it down.

7. How to Choose IP Addresses for Your IxLoad Test – 919 views

Once you have chosen the equipment for your lab test, the next step is to architect the network such that everything will do what you need it to do and a important, fundamental aspect of network architecture is figuring out how you are going to allocate IP addresses, the subject of this blog.

6. Deconstructing Apache Tomcat JSP Upload Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-12615) – 970 views

One of the ways that security researchers gain a better understanding of threats by by deconstructing them – this takes us beyond just an outside observation of what the threat does but rather opens the doors to the what and the why. Here Wei Gao dissects CVE-2017-12615.

5. SPAN Port: The ABCs of Network Visibility – 1091 views

We all like to joke “friends don’t let friends use SPAN ports” but the reality is that like many other things, there is a time and a place for SPAN. There are also times and places to refrain from SPAN. Keith Bromley breaks it down.

4. IPS and IDS: Role and Function – 1114 views

Ever wonder about the fine grained differences between Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems? Beyond one being older there are a number of details and nuances that separate the two. Lora O’Haver explains.

3. SCADA Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) – 1558 views

A lot of our national infrastructure is run by process automation systems such as SCADA. In those systems, master stations, RTUs (remote terminal units) and IEDs (intelligent electronic devices) use protocols such as DNP3 to communicate. Here’s how DNP3 works.

2. Network Packet Brokers: The ABCs of Network Visibility – 2223 views

A network packet broker (NPB) is a device that provides a collection of monitoring tools with access to traffic from across the network. It’s a middleman for network monitoring traffic. NPBs are active “brokers”, or “dealers” of data, because they can be specific and targeted in the data that is supplied to each tool. In this post Jeff Harris explains why NPBs are key to visibility and security efforts.

1.  Fail Closed, Fail Open, Fail Safe and Failover: ABCs of Network Visibility – 4093 views

A perennial front runner, in this Lora O’Haver covers the differences between fail closed, fail open, fail save and failover. The devil is in the details.

So, these are the Top 10 Blogs ranked by page view over the past 6 months. As many of our readers have found them to be of interest and/or use, we hope that you will too.