Ixia Unveils PerfectStorm One at InfoSec

April 30, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

It only takes a quick look at the publicly-available data found in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) or the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database to understand the severity of the current security threat landscape. Hackers are seeking-out and exploiting network, device, and application vulnerabilities in record numbers.

By enabling the always-on user experience, complex applications and virtualization continue to increase data center infrastructure risk and complexity. Mission-critical applications tax the integration of computing, networking, and storage, and expose security vulnerabilities. Not validating how today’s planned build-outs will scale to tomorrow's needs introduces unacceptable levels of risk. The price of being wrong, even once, is steep.

Whether for political standing, monetary gain, or notoriety, these attacks can cause many problems for companies, including:

  • Brand damage
  • Revenue loss
  • Legal costs
  • Customer service costs
  • Regulatory costs
  • Technical costs
  • Administrative costs

With such high stakes, network security test strategies have become critical for enterprises, government agencies, and service providers world-wide. Network equipment manufacturers must also perform security testing on firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and other devices to ensure high performance while under attack.

Enterprises, service providers, data center operators, and network equipment manufacturers need to validate data center infrastructure to ensure it will perform and remain secure under peak loads. With Ixia’s PerfectStorm platform, ensuring reliability and scalability of modern data center architectures and devices just got a whole lot easier.

This week at InfoSec, Ixia revealed the new PerfectStorm One product. Ixia's new PerfectStorm ONE network test and assessment solutions are developed specifically for enterprise IT, operations, and security personnel. Delivered in a compact form-factor, PerfectStorm ONE condenses Ixia's PerfectStorm massive-scale, stateful layer 4-7 testing platform to now support the enterprise. Scaling from 4Gbps to 80Gbps of application traffic simulation, PerfectStorm ONE supports a buy-only-what-you-need business model to align with enterprise budgets and future-proof your growing test needs.

PerfectStorm is Ixia’s latest testing platform that modularly-scales to nearly a terabit of application traffic in a single, integrated system. It generates stateful applications and malicious traffic that simulate millions of real-world end-user environments to test and validate infrastructure, a single device, or an entire system. This includes complex data, video, voice, storage, and network application workloads.

Now, no matter the size of your network, PerfectStorm’s simple implementation and user interface offer a single platform to:

  • Create true application behavior and custom test conditions
  • Gain visibility into the impact of the latest vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Ensure realism in new device proof-of-concepts
  • Create real-world voice, video, data, and storage traffic
  • Assess traffic policing

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