Ixia's Visibility Architecture Removes Blind Spots

April 1, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia’s Product Marketing Manager Keith Bromley led a great talk on how Ixia’s Visibility Architecture helps to remove blind spots that lurk in your network.

Ixia’s Visibility Architecture is a holistic approach to network visibility that controls costs and administrative burdens, while optimizing the investment value of monitoring and security tools. The Architecture helps speed application delivery and enables effective troubleshooting and monitoring for network security, application performance, and service level agreement (SLA) fulfillment—and allows IT to meet compliance mandates. Attend this session to learn how a visibility architecture can help you reduce costs while increasing network visibility to remove blind spots in your network.

Ixia Visibility Architecture offers the following key values:

  • Permanent, adaptive packet stream management infrastructure for reliable, resilient, effective network and security operations
  • Lower costs for network CAPEX and OPEX

Check out Ixia Visibility Architecture here.

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