Manodipto Ghose
Product Manager Expert, ISG/NTS-L2/3

IxNetwork Web Edition: Welcome to the New Age of Network Testing

July 29, 2019 by Manodipto Ghose

Agility is one of the key driving factors in any business today. Organizations are embracing a continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) model to stay ahead of the competition and cut time to market. To keep up, applications must become lightweight, simple to use, and easy to access to help boost speed of development.


There is a trend to move away from heavy desktop applications and adapt web applications to give users more flexibility. Motivation to move to open source environments and increase cybersecurity is driving adoption of Linux OS in various applications. Today’s fast-paced product lifecycle cannot survive without automation. Simplicity and portability are extremely important when it comes to automation. This has led to the popularity of the REST API in new-age automation. 

Ixia has dominated the network infrastructure test market with its leading-edge test application, IxNetwork. Leveraging the industry trends discussed above, Ixia has now released a web-based application in addition to its traditional desktop application for IxNetwork. With Ixia’s major milestone release of 9.00, users have flexibility to deploy IxNetwork Web Edition on multiple platforms (including native IxOS chassis) and connect to an IxNetwork session to run tests using a web browser. 

A new HTML5 user interface not only gives a very modern look to the application, it also simplifies workflow. Collaboration is made easy by sharing of URLs. IxNetwork Web Edition is built on the Linux API server platform that Ixia has supported in past releases. The Web Edition package is inclusive of a full-fledged graphical user interface (GUI) to configure IxNetwork tests, QuickTest Web Edition, and REST API browser. The ability to switch between GUI and REST API browsers empowers easy automation. IxNetwork sessions are accessible from anywhere/anytime by opening a web browser. 

Elevate your network infrastructure testing to a new level with IxNetwork’s lightweight Web UI and easy automation!