IxOS 6.22 EA and IxNetwork 7.22 EA are released!

April 10, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia is pleased to announce the release of IxOS 6.62 EA and IxNetwork 7.22 EA. IxOS 6.62 EA and IxNetwork 7.22 EA are an "Early Adopter", pre-RT release. Certain other Ixia products have not been fully qualified with this release.

This release is strictly intended to add the support for the new 32x10GE fan-out for Xcellon-Multis multi-speed, high-density load module. The release does continue to support all of the existing load modules with the same capabilities as IxOS 6.60 SP1 EA and IxNetwork 7.21 EA releases.

For customers that are not currently users of Xcellon-Multis, it is recommended that they continue to use 7.20 EA and wait for the next general release of IxNetwork to upgrade.

What’s new?

Hardware and Platform

  • 32x10GE fan-out cable support for Xcellon-Multis Load Modules


  • AppLibrary support on IxVM ports in multi-nic mode
  • Send ARP/NS from IPv4/IPv6 NGPF protocol when port Link goes up.

Additional Information: