IxVeriWave 6.2 is Released!

July 21, 2015 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia is proud to announce the availability of the IxVeriWave 6.2 for WaveTest, WaveDynamix, WaveAnalyze, WaveDevice, WaveApps, WaveQoE, WaveDFS, WaveClient, Wave Automate, ATA, ATA-GUI BYOD, WaveIOT and WaveGen.

Experts predict a staggering surge in mobile traffic with Wi-Fi playing an even greater role in consumer, business, and service provider networks. Vital real-time applications such as voice, streaming video, unified communications (UC), and patient monitoring are all going mobile, raising the bar for reliable performance higher and higher.

Set to break the wireless gigabit barrier, emerging 802.11ac infrastructures promise huge gains in speed and capacity. But to realize their full benefit, access points (APs) and controllers must become more intelligent and content-aware in addressing:

  • The growing capacity crunch with better RF design and improved data handling
  • The BYOD trend with policy-based application management for delay-sensitive applications
  • Increasing reliability requirements as voice- and video-over Wi-Fi proliferate
  • Migration to the cloud with new levels of flexibility and quality assurance

To validate performance, makers of APs and wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers need to subject new designs to realistic application mixes, high-load conditions, and varying range, roaming, and interference scenarios. Your engineers need an efficient, cost-effective means of gauging the impact of new designs on existing WLANs, as well as the impact of the network on device performance—without requiring countless client devices to be bought and managed.

This release includes a MU-MIMO test capability in WaveTest, WaveDynamix and WaveAnalyze. The IxVeriWave MU-MIMO solution is unique and only solution that can address MU-MIMO testing at scale. The Client test product WaveDevice continue aggressive path with new Roaming and Security features.

Ixia continues to benefit from strong demand in the Wi-Fi market, and this release represents a continued investment in our emerging client test, field test and AP testing solutions.

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