Keith Bromley
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Ixia

Key Findings of the Ixia Security Report

April 15, 2019 by Keith Bromley

Ixia just released its third annual security study—the Ixia 2019 Security Report. This report combines lessons learned in 2018 with impactful predictions for 2019. Both the data and the predictions are based upon research conducted by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center.

The purpose of this report is to help strengthen global cyber security. Effective network security needs to be a collaborative function by security experts. This report is one way of sharing what Ixia has been looking at over the past year. We hope the report will help security teams think about their security architecture vulnerabilities and how they can better prepare for future attacks.

The report details the Top Five security issues from 2018

  1. Poor or lacking product security exposes businesses to additional risk
  2. The human attack vector, via Phishing and Malware, remains reliable
  3. Poor cyber hygiene continues to persist year after year
  4. The good intention of sharing product vulnerability information actually leads to more attacks
  5. Crypto mining/jacking continued without abatement

There are also Six predictions for 2019:

  • Abuse of low value end points will continue to escalate
  • Brute force attacks of public facing systems and resources will continue
  • Continued cloud adoption (SaaS, etc.) creates complexity that will hide attack surfaces
  • Phishing will continue to evolve. As more companies move to using similar Enterprise email (Office 365, G Suite) systems, better phishes will help hackers to get around those defenses.
  • Multi-phase attacks that make use of lateral movement and internal traffic will increase
  • Crypto mining/jacking attacks will increase

There are also three conclusions that the Ixia team offers up to help security engineers from other companies. For instance, there are simple processes that go a long a way to strengthening your security architecture. Here are some well-known activities that we recommend you implement now:

  • Perform a security patch analysis versus your security control protections
  • Analyze your public cloud security architecture
  • Review password security practices for your IT systems and equipment

Read the full report (Ixia 2019 Security Report) to get the details of how the ATI team captured the critical information necessary to reach each of these findings, as well as more details about the findings themselves.