Kid in Candy Store, or Bull in China Shop: Yes!

April 29, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

The PerfectStorm One launch today has me being both! The team I work on, Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI), produces application protocols and network security attacks (strikes) for Ixia products. The ATI subscription service uses the Ixia hardware and infrastructure to emulate networks. The ATI team gets a big rush of adrenaline when we release new cutting-edge hardware like we have with the PerfectStorm One today.

The Kid in the Candy Store

A platform like PerfectStorm One means we can leverage ATI in a 1U form factor. All of that processing power, the enhanced SSL, extreme DDoS capabilities, in just 1U is hard to believe. This power, combined with the realism of ATI Application Protocols using Markov text generator, easily simulates any network with 80Gbps of traffic. See our recent ATI blog on “The Value Behind Realistic Network Traffic Emulation” for the details on how this combination of PerfectStorm One and ATI will benefit you. Ixia ATI has more than 245 stateful application protocols for generating real-world traffic mixes.

The Bull in the China Shop

The ATI security team is great at breaking things. When you put our award winning Security component on top of hardware like PerfectStorm One, things get broken! In a world where everything is shared on the Internet, including code and scripts to help exploit vulnerabilities, you need more than just the shared public attack to test your network security equipment. You need attacks that are randomized, and attacks that are strain your security equipment ability to function. Do they report false positives? Do they identify every possible variation of an attack? See our recent ATI blog on “How Do You Detect Security Strikes” to see how our strikes attack your networks with varied attack payloads for each exploit. Ixia ATI has 35,000+ strikes and 150+ evasions, generating millions of attack variations.

Get a View of PerfectStorm One and ATI Realism

We’re showing off our newest hardware and our realistic application traffic plus attacks at InfoSecurity Europe in London this week. You can find us at Stand K35 and we’d love to show you a demo.