Jason Landry
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Ixia

Lasagna, Chicken Wings, and SysAdmins

July 28, 2016 by Jason Landry

Every day means something to someone. Friday, July 29, 2016 is National System Administrator Appreciation Day and it means a lot when you tell your SysAdmin thanks for all they do. And they do a lot. I should know. I used to be one.

One job. Many hats.

SysAdmins are the office mechanic as they keep all the electronic equipment up and running. They are the office therapist when we are frustrated because something isn’t working right. They are the on-call doctor in case a server or database gets sick. If you are at a small company, chances are they are the entire IT department. There is a SysAdmin job posting that is very honest about what they are asked to do. The company was looking for one employee to do four jobs (web developer, software developer, general IT, and SysAdmin), work ridiculously long hours, be ready to travel 30% of the time, and be on call 24/7. Sounds harsh, but there are a lot of guys and gals that do this every day with little or no recognition.

How can I show my appreciation?

You don’t have to wait until Thank You Note Day (December 26) to say thanks to your SysAdmin. Do it Friday with the fuel they need to keep their systems running – coffee and food work really well. It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere and crazy hot here in Austin, so I say ixnay on the coffee. Wait till September 29 when its National Coffee Day if you want to hand out some hot java. A hug can be a nice addition as long as it won’t land either of you in the HR office. Or, just put that hug on hold until January 21 when it’s National Hug Day. All of these ideas are great, but I suggest you take them to lunch if you want to get to know them.

Where should we go for lunch?

It just so happens that Friday, July 29 is also a celebration of two food groups: lasagna and chicken wings. While not official food groups identified by the USDA, one of them might be a staple in your SysAdmin’s diet. Here are some tips if you are going for the dual celebration.

  • Carrabbas Italian Grill is giving away free lasagna to take home when you buy one. Might be an option if your SysAdmin can’t join you for lunch. Buca di Beppo has half off lasagna with a coupon. Here are the details on those and other lasagna day deals.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, Wing Stop, and countless other local chicken wing establishments celebrate with deals on the plucked bird. Check out this article from the Sun Sentinel on where to get free eats for national chicken wing day.

But whatever you do, show them some love.

Show them or tell them how much you appreciate all their hard work and that it doesn’t go unnoticed. At the Ixia offices in Austin, our SysAdmins Cade and Jamie do a great job keeping us running smoothly. So smoothly that I can’t even remember the last time I needed them. And just like waiters at an Italian or chicken wing restaurant, some of the best SysAdmins are the ones you didn’t even know were there because the service was so good. Kuddos to you guys and thanks for all you do. Happy SysAdmin Day!