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Lightwave Innovation Reviews Honors Ixia AresONE 400GE Test Platform

March 19, 2019 by Jason Lackey

Lightwave Innovation Reviews - Ixia AresONEAt Ixia, we were delighted to see one of our most exciting new products, AresONE, be recognized by the Lightwave Innovation Reviews. “This is a powerful test solution,” commented the judges at Lightwave, summing up the value proposition of AresONE in a nutshell.

The Rise of the Cloud has brought with it many changes, including hyperscale datacenters. However, just like the 1800s gold rush or even the Web 1.0 bubble before, some things were clear. Some will get rich building the next generation of cloud infrastructure. Others will do OK while some will fade away or be acquired by others.

When we look back to the gold rush, we don’t hear so much of the miners themselves, although some of their suppliers’ names echo into the present day, amongst them Levi Strauss who built his empire on his sturdy, rivet reinforced denim pants that remain popular today, and Leland Stanford, who later became a railroad baron and the founder of Stanford University, profited handsomely from running a general store supplying miners.

There is a similar rush to savings going on now with those providing cloud and internet services, people running hyperscale datacenters, network equipment makers, ASIC designers and even large enterprises. The move to native 400GE brings economies of scale that aggregating 4x100GE ports simply cannot, including savings with wiring complexity, rack density, power use and cooling. More on this in the video here.

The flip side is that like any new technology, those making the ASICs, those building the network gear and those deploying the networks and datacenters are going to need to test and validate their designs. Beyond just groundbreaking speed, there are other aspects of 400GE that contribute to the difficulty of testing including mandatory FEC (Forward Error Correction) and new transmit/receive compression/decompression. Learn more about the unique challenges of testing 400GE.

Just like Ixia, old man Levi Straus listened to his customers. Levi’s, being stout jeans, used to have copper rivets in the crotch. An idea that seemed like a great idea, until you are the prospector going commando who has just spent the past several minutes squatting in front of a camp fire only to discover the considerable heat conducting properties of metallic copper. Our experiences working with customers, helping them push the edge of the envelope further, have also helped us better design our products. Like Mr. Strauss’ found that his jeans needed to not only be robust and sturdy, but as the copper rivet incident illustrated, they also needed to be user friendly. While we haven’t optimized for squatting in front of camp fires, we have put a lot of work into not just pushing the envelope in terms of testing capabilities, but also ease of use including our sophisticated IxOS and compatibility with IxExplorer and IxNetwork.

Learn more about the AresONE 400GE test solution.

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