Jason Lackey
Solutions Marketing

Net Optics, Anue, BreakingPoint and Veriwave - Great Ixia Acquisitions

August 13, 2019 by Jason Lackey

Acquisitions can be tough to get right and easy to get wrong. For example, HP acquired Autonomy for $11.2 Billion in 2011, only to discover later that they had cooked their books, resulting in a $9B writedown. Back in the dot com era, Terra Networks acquired Lycos for $12.5 Billion, only to unload it in 2004 for $95 Million.

At Ixia, we have been considerably more fortunate, both on the buying side and the selling side.

For example:

Net Optics - acquired in October 2013, binging vritual tap, bypass switching and network packet brokers to the Ixia lineup.

Anue Systems - acquired in May, 2012, Anue brought the Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) product line, an easy to use drag and drop GUI and context aware filtering to the table.

BreakingPoint Systems - acquired in August, 2012, BreakingPoint brought advanced security testing to the Ixia lineup.

VeriWave - acquired in July, 2011, brought sophisticated Wi-Fi testing solutions to the Ixia stable.

Of course, we have not always been on the buying side, we were also on the selling side when Keysight Technologies acquired us in 2017, a move giving us access to the resources of a vastly larger organization while giving Keysight synergies in layers 2-7 of the OSI stack.

While not all acquisitions turn out well, we have been pretty fortunate.

Thanks for reading.