Net Optics Eliminates the Blind Spots in Your Network

February 27, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

I visited the Net Optics booth at RSA, where the focus was on how to overcome the blind spots that today’s network complexity is creating. Organizations need more and more tools to get the visibility they need, but the number of tools and the way they are implemented is problematic.

Net Optics has a visibility architecture that provides scalable, end-to-end network, application, and user visibility. It integrates virtual and physical monitoring solutions and provides a way to implement fail-safe inline security.

Inline security tool deployment is a concern because if the inline tool goes down, the network goes down. Organizations need a Net Optics Bypass Switch that will maintain a link in case of tool failure.

Net Optics also set up booth demonstrations to show how users of security gear, like that from McAfee, Sourcefire, Imperva, and Radware , use Net Optics products to achieve easy data access and optimal data center connectivity.

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