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Network Visibility, SDN and the Software Defined Data Center

August 20, 2018 by Jason Lackey
Intel Solution Brief - Ixia Vision Edge OS Adds Visibility to Hyperscale Data Centers
Don't take our word for it, get the Intel solution brief.

For years, first virtualization and then the coming of software defined networking, SDN, have shaped the way computing has been done at scale. In ways it is like we have come full circle, going from mainframes living somewhere across the network to isolated PCs and PC servers running on-prem to highly distributed systems running in the cloud.

Ixia has lead the industry effort to provide best possible network visibility for security, performance and troubleshooting. Part of this leadership has involved developing best in class hardware integrating high performance FPGAs. One example would be our TradeVision product, a platform that provides both advanced network visibility as well as financial market feed monitoring. More on the impact of performance. This video also explains the concept in a very easy to understand manner.

However, much of the magic that goes into building some of the highest performance network packet brokers in the world is not just hardware, it is in the software. Indeed, any system much be considered in full within its context, and in the context of anything configured by humans things like the UI and ease of use come into play.

This is why we introduced an industry leading GUI featuring easy to use drag and drop programming. Compared to using a complex and error-prone CLI, our GUI-based approach accelerates setup, configuration and troubleshooting. But, don’t just take our word on it that the Ixia GUI is faster and more accurate than Gigamon’s CLI, read the article from Network World. ZK Research also took a look and concluded that our easy to use GUI reduced OPEX, made filters faster to provision and made it faster to troubleshoot than a tradition CLI-based approach.

The good news here is that cloud providers, large enterprises and carriers going down the SDDC path no longer need to compromise. They can still roll out leading network packet broker software, Ixia’s Vision Edge OS, but now they can do so not only on dedicated, high performance Ixia hardware, but they can also use cost effective Edgecore open switches.

Want to learn more? Get the solution brief, “Ixia Vision Edge OS Adds Visibility to Hyperscale Data Centers” from Intel.