New Ixia Application Filtering Provides Complete Visibility for Riverbed Steelcentral

May 21, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Traditional performance management looks at the network as a series of silos based on systems and the internal groups responsible for handling end users, network, web, application, services, and data bases. Frank Rubio, Riverbed Strategic Technology Alliances, shared with our audience how Riverbed tears down the walls between these to provide a complete picture of what’s really going on in your network. Visibility is the key to accomplishing this.

To analyze complex network and application problems, you need data from a variety of sources such as SPANs, TAPs, virtual, flow, and agents. These data sources can require access to dozens or hundreds of links, physical devices, and virtual instances. All this data needs to be mined, analyzed, correlated, and reported on in a way that is meaningful and useful. Riverbed does just this through dashboards, KPIs, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis.

The company uses Ixia Network Visibility Solutions to get physical and virtual network data that has been aggregated, time-stamped, de-duplicated, and filtered to its SteelCentral. It has now added the newly-released Ixia Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP) to bring real-time application flow metadata to Riverbed solutions. This application-level information is vital to garnering a complete picture of your network. Using the enhanced NetFlow capabilities in Ixia’s ATIP, SteelCentral gets network and application information that include geolocation, application ID, and filtering of layers 1-7 data.

Check out Frank’s video.


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