Newsflash - IxANVL 8.65 is released!

April 30, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

IxANVL 8.65 is an EA “Early Adopter” release.

Ixia's IxANVL (Automated Network Validation Library) is the industry standard for automated network/protocol validation. Developers and manufacturers of networking equipment and Internet devices rely on IxANVL to validate protocol compliance and interoperability. Many customers have chosen IxANVL for its ease-of-use, enhanced GUI, and flexible test automation capabilities. In addition, IxANVL offers a veritable universe of protocol libraries and utilities.

This release is primarily focused on enhancement of Openflow1.3 and CE2.0 suites. A listing of the new features is below:

Enhanced Suites

  • OpenFlow 1.3: This test suite is based on the OpenFlow Switch Specification Version 1.3.2 (Wire Protocol 0x04). 126 new test cases are added.
  • CE2.0: This test suite is based on Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Test Plan. 58 additional test cases for ETREE and 88 test cases for EACCESS are added.

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