Next Generation Test Systems - Tips and Traps from the Testing Labs

April 2, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Today Miercom’s CEO Robert Smithers joined Ixia at Interop to discuss how they use Ixia to help verify their customers’ products and services.

Miercom is a leading, independent product test center with hundreds of its product-comparison analyses published over the years in leading network trade periodicals. Their reports regularly appear in Business Communications Review – NoJitter, Communications News, Internet Telephony, Network World, xchange, and other publications.

In his presentation, Robert discussed how Ixia’s XG12 chassis was used to help verify Cisco’s Nexus 9516. The scenario required the Nexus 9516 to examine each IP packet, check its forwarding table, and route each packet. Using multiple XG12 chassis, wire-speed performance was confirmed on all 576 40GE ports of the Nexus switch concurrently.

Ixia confirmed that traffic delivered to and received from each port on the switch could be sent at wire-speed, with various packet sizes, and with no data loss.

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