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Probing the Last Mile

November 4, 2019 by Jason Lackey

At Ixia we are proud of our long association with Tech Field Day and Network Field Day. We are going to be at Tech Field Day 20 on November 15 where we will feature Phil Trainor giving his unique field perspective on security and how better visibility into what’s happening on the network can help you avoid some potentially nasty outcomes including ransomware pwnage.

This latest session marks the 10th Anniversary of Tech Field Day – here’s the Greg Ferro take on that anniversary. It is funny to look at some of the pictures from past events, thinner and less grey seems a trend.

In the more recent past, this last October, we had the pleasure of sending Craig Reynolds to Networking Field Day 21 (NFD21) where he talked about some of the problems that MNSPs (Managed Network Service Providers) face.

Probing the Last Mile

IxProbe - coffee shown for scaleIt turns out that MNSPs have some significant challenges in their quest to deliver top notch service to their often highly geographically distributed customers. Geography is one. Another area is change. The old world of telco style connectivity with MPLS is being swept away and now they have to figure out how to deliver differentiated services to customers outside their physical footprint. As Amy Arnold, one of the NEF21 delegates wrote, “…those MNSP engineers aren’t getting a whole lot of sleep when it comes to dealing with last mile delivery issues.

The end customer doesn’t care about footprints, geographical or otherwise, they just wants a service that works and if a problem ever should arise, they want that problem addressed quickly.

That’s where one of Craig’s favorites, IxProbe comes in. Active monitoring allows you to know what the end user is experiencing at the branch office. When you know what’s happening, you can offer tough SLAs while avoiding expensive truck rolls and keeping the customer happy.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to join us and the Tech Field Day delegates at Tech Field Day 20!

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