Provisioning a Self-Service SDN/NFV Sandbox

May 21, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Hans Ashlock, Qualisystems Technical Marketing Manager, described how the adoption of SDN will fundamentally change how we think about network engineering because it introduces an application stack approach to network service delivery, transitioning networks as a utility to networks as an application stack.

With its orchestration and automation software, Qualisystems provides the self-service platform for SDN network DevOps practice. The solution enables the simple creation of self-service lab sandboxes with Agile infrastructure self-service, SDN orchestration and network DevOps, continuous process and test automation, and test lab automation.

Ixia and Qualisystems partner to ensure Ixia’s test solutions customers needing a single-source for automation test are able to upgrade to include QualiSystems.

Check you Hans’ video.

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