Quick Review of OpenDayLight Helium Release

September 30, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

OpenDayLight project has just released version 2 of their open source controller. This release is called Helium. This release comes just 6-months after the very first release, Hydrogen.

Helium introduces lots of improvements in clustering, high-availability, and security, on top of more SB APIs and more tight integration with OpenStack orchestration. Here’s the quick summary of the newly introduces features/improvements:

  • Controller Clustering – The controller can now be clustered and scaled out for high availability.
  • AAA – Hydrogen supported basic http based authentication. This release provides token/claim-based Authentication, RBAC based authorization and all accesses are recorded for Accounting. AAA lets the network decide who has permission to do which actions.
  • OpenFlow TTP – Table Type Patterns (TTPs) is the project out of ONF's Forwarding Abstractions Working Group (FAWG). It allows an OpenFlow controller and OpenFlow switch to agree on a set of functionality to help manage the increased diversity made possible with OpenFlow versions 1.1+.
  • PCMM – Packet Cable MultiMedia (PCMM) offers (MSOs) the ability to deliver new services using existing cable infrastructure. PCMM provides an interface to control and management service flow for CMTS network elements.
  • GBP – Group Based Policy (GBP) defines an application-centric policy model for OpenDaylight that separates information about application connectivity requirements from information about the underlying details of the network infrastructure.
  • SNBi – The Secure Network Bootstrapping Infrastructure (SNBI) plug-in provides an ability to bring up network devices and controller in a secure and automated manner.
  • Plugin2OC – This plug-in provides an SB-API to the OpenContrail Platform with OpenDaylight.
  • OpenStack integration – The ODL controller can now understand OpenStack security groups and OpenStack Neutron’s Layer 2 networks
  • SFC –Service Function Chaining (SFC) plug-in provides the infrastructure (chaining logic, APIs) needed for OLD to provision a service chain in the network and an end-user application for defining such chains.

In summary, Helium provides significant improvements in the Open vSwitch Database Integration project, and a technology preview of advanced OpenStack features such as Security Groups, Distributed Virtual Router, and Load Balancing-as-a-Service. The next release (you may have guessed it right) is called “Lithium.” The release date is not set for it though.

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