Marie Hattar
Chief Marketing Officer

The real-world impact of virtualization on testing

January 10, 2017 by Marie Hattar

Virtualization has been one of the most exciting IT innovations of recent years.  The move to virtualized datacenters, networks and applications has enabled organizations to be more agile, efficient, flexible, and scalable than they could previously have dreamed – and in turn this has freed up time and resources for creativity and innovation.

Ixia started out as an IP over Ethernet test company, and test solutions remain a key part of what we do.  But we haven’t stood still:  virtualization has also had a significant hand in shaping the solutions we offer.  Pierre Lynch, lead technologist in product management at Ixia, was recently interviewed by leading telco portal, Light Reading to look at the impact of virtualization on testing, and how Ixia is harnessing it to help organizations streamline and enhance their software and network testing processes.

Virtualization describes the ‘softwareization’ of networking brought about by network function virtualization (NFV), which in turn has enabled testers to draw three key elements together.  The first element is agile processes, meaning that large features can get chopped up into smaller, more manageable features so it’s easier to identify faults.  Secondly, it supports DevOps, meaning that faults can be quickly identified and the fixes for those faults immediately run and fed back into development.  And third, it supports the CICD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment) pipeline.  Collectively, these elements allow testing to be done faster and more efficiently than ever before, to match the demands of agile, virtualized environments.

Two key solutions that Ixia has developed to support and enable these accelerated testing cycles are Ixia Developer and TrafficREWINDIxia Developer is an agile application performance and security resilience tool, aimed at the development of new services.  Developers can use it with an integrated de-bugger to find problems early, and to allow agile development and comprehensive, automated testing to happen in tandem.  This transforms the development lifecycle, reducing software development risks and costs, and speeds time to deployment.

TrafficREWIND is unique in capturing traffic patterns from production environments and accurately recreates and reproduces them in a controlled sandbox environment. This enables enterprises, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers to dramatically speed up the isolation of faults and the resolution of outages.  Issues can be examined and replayed in detail, using real-world production traffic and Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) technology for advanced threat intelligence.

The full video interview with Ixia’s Pierre Lynch, covering these points and more, is available from Light Reading here.