Ixia Principal Product Manager

Revolutionize Your Network Security DevOps—Ravello + Ixia Developer

September 22, 2016 by George Zecheru

Imagine for a second that you can recreate your production network traffic between private and public network hosts. You can bring up all the applications, their users and actions, and combine them with potential threat vectors—internal or external. Imagine you can control the volume of the network traffic and recreate traffic originating from different countries. By using Ixia Developer on Oracle’s Ravello, you don’t have to imagine it! Ravello makes it possible for only $0.33 USD/hour. Pretty cool!

Ravello’s networking overlay allows you to create full-featured network and security labs on the public cloud. With Ravello’s clean Layer 2 networking access, enterprises, ISVs, and resellers have adopted for a variety of use-cases—network modeling, development-testing, training, sales demos, PoCs, cyber ranges, and security sandbox environments to name a few.

Excited to get up and running right away? Just go to the Ixia Developer application blueprint I shared on Ravello’s Repo Library and add it to your library. References: