Keith Bromley
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Ixia

SANS Conducts A Review of Ixia’s Vision ONE Packet Broker

June 25, 2019 by Keith Bromley

The SANS Institute recently conducted a review of Ixia’s Vision ONE product. The full report can be downloaded here. The SANS review looked at three different use cases for the Vision ONE:

  • How it performs as a basic packet broker
  • Performance and feature sets for inline security deployments
  • How the Vision ONE handled advanced feature sets like application filtering and analysis

One of the key conclusions from the report is that without a packet broker like the Vision ONE providing packet filtering, trimming, and TLS decryption, organizations face the very real potential of higher costs and increased latency on their networks. The Vision ONE is an essential asset for efficiency improvement and cost reduction initiatives.

A second conclusion is that simplicity really does matter. Complexity is on the rise in every part of the network – infrastructure, applications, access, and more. Packet brokers themselves are one way to fight complexity. This is accomplished by using features such as aggregation, filtering, deduplication, decryption, n+1 load balancing.

However, the most important way to fight complexity is to simplify the user interface. You need an interface that is both simple to use and intuitive. Drag and drop along with point and click features provide an intuitive way to visualize all of the powerful features at your fingertips.

Read the full report here to see how you can quickly reduce many pain points in your network.