SecOps HH Podcast Ep. 1: Scott Register

April 22, 2020 by Kyle Flaherty

Welcome to our new podcast focused on security personalities. Each episode we'll go deep with a person in the industry about what they do, why they do it, and even hit on topical news and technologies.

For Episode 1 I was really lucky to have Scott Register on. Scott has been in the security days from nearly the moment he left college...actually before that, because he had to be! When you're a sysadmin the concept of security becomes critical immediately, and inspired him to pursue opportunities. Crazy life intersections occur throughout the pod as Scott and I realize we both worked with Raptor firewalls back in the 90s, and then crossed paths again nearly 20 years later.

Scott details his path from deploying firewalls, being a top sales engineer, and then moving into product management where he helped create some of the world's most loved security solutions. The conversation then focuses on some of the new technologies in breach and attack simulation and how Scott sounds like an elephant while running (his words, NOT mine). Enjoy this conversation with Scott, I certainly did.