Securing Networks—Ixia at MWC 2015

March 4, 2015 by Ixia Blog Team

Ixia works with more than 40 of the top 50 carriers worldwide, as well as many of their largest customers and the companies who provide infrastructure technology for their networks. We’re the “application performance and security resilience” company—we help you make sure technology works the way you expect it to out of the gate, and keeps on doing it throughout the deployment lifecycle.

Today’s mobile subscribers are what we call “tough customers”: they expect instant availability and high performance, all the time, everywhere they go, and they tend to remember the “hiccups” more than all the times everything works just fine. No one has patience for dropped calls or choppy video or slow downloads anymore.

And that’s where Ixia comes in. We helps carriers and other providers worldwide exceed the expectations of their toughest customers. Physical or virtualized, wired or wireless, we can help you build and validate, secure, and optimize networks that deliver.

We do this with powerful and versatile hardware and software solutions, expert global support, and professional services, all designed to ensure user satisfaction and a great bottom line.

Network defenses are constantly under attack from cyber criminals, hacktivists, and other disgruntled entities. DDoS attacks, malware, botnets, and other threats are becoming more complex and better orchestrated, and we’ve all the seen headlines about companies losing millions to downtime, not to mention the impact on their brand reputation.

Customers hold their providers responsible for not protecting their information. Even a small vulnerability in your network or data center infrastructure can lead to major financial damage and loss of customer loyalty, yet attacks are inevitable.

So what do you do?

You design networks to achieve the greatest possible security resilience—the ability to resist attacks and bounce back when one occurs—and continually monitor and optimize them. And maybe you comply with industry regulations surrounding security.

This includes:

  • Evaluating the performance of new technologies like next-gen firewalls, IPS systems, DDoS mitigation, and the like against the realities of your own network and threat profile
  • Validating your overall defenses and processes before deploying and over time
  • Addressing new vulnerabilities introduced by virtualization and other major initiatives

Ixia visibility and security solutions help ensure resilience by testing how well your security systems respond to threats, and how well and quickly your defenses—and team—recover. We help keep threat databases up-to-date and even help customers cultivate “cyber warriors” up to the task of deflecting attackers.

Using real and malicious traffic in real-world traffic flows, Ixia BreakingPoint, BreakingPoint Virtual Edition, and other solutions stress network defenses to find the weaknesses are – before hackers and customers do.


When deploying a new application or service, operators need to make sure there is little to no impact on the security of their existing network, and that the new device or service will meet expectations without adding new risk.

One leading global credit card company wanted to be sure that their customer-facing servers had the highest security resilience during a new network rollout. Ixia validated the design, then worked with the customer and security vendor to create real-world DDoS service attacks.

This allowed the customer to proactively determine performance levels and fine-tune its network and security resilience. In the process, the customer lowered its total cost of ownership by roughly 30%.

Testing of this kind also equips you to negotiate better deals with vendors to save even more money along the way.

Ixia Difference

Validating and continuing to enhance network security is a critical step that can’t be overlooked, and that’s why it’s part of Ixia’s core focus. Whether it’s games, social media, online banking, video streaming, online shopping, automotive Ethernet, audio/visual services, or the next big thing, customers expect it to just work, and we help you make sure it does.

Partnering with service providers, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises to seamlessly and securely deliver a quality experience to subscribers and customers is Ixia’s business. Once you validate and secure your network, we help you optimize performance and operation over time.

If you have any questions about improving the security of your physical or virtual networks, we invite you have a look around our booth (Hall 6 Stand 6L30), or talk with one of Ixia’s experts on the subject.

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