Jason Landry
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Ixia

The Security Tools’ Plea – Put us on a diet, please.

October 19, 2016 by Jason Landry


Dear Security Administrator,

Thank you for providing me a home. I hope you have enjoyed having me around as much as I have enjoyed providing you with security monitoring. I was asked by the others if we could talk about how we can work better for you.

Recently, I have had to work so much harder. Sometimes, yes, I do get it wrong. But, there are so many new threats. Not to mention the traffic volumes you feed my team have just continued to increase. I know, you expect a lot out of me and I will try to do better. I don’t want you to have to chase down so many alerts either. All I ask is that when I get it right, you are able to look past my shortcomings and remember the good times. Like when you patted me on the screen and said, “Good job!” when we found that malware back in February of 2015.

Today, I am writing out of concern for me and my colleagues' futures. I worry that without a change, some of us might prematurely become unable to do the things we could do when we were younger. And if that happens, you might feel like you have to replace one of us with some newer model. I am confident that our lives can be prolonged and we can spend many more days together with a slight change in our daily traffic intake.

We want to go on a data diet. I’m not talking about some fad or the latest diet craze that starves us of the network traffic we need to stay healthy. This is a real, data center lifestyle change and I think everyone around me, young and old, new or used, can benefit too.

Some packets are just not good for us. And when we ingest them, it’s basically empty bits. When we were younger, a poor traffic diet didn’t affect us. We had all this energy so we could basically eat what we wanted. And let’s face it, feeding us empty bits was convenient, right? But now, we tend to feel sluggish when we get packets we weren’t built to use.

A Security Fabric can help fight this poor packet diet. It will force us to radically change our habits because we won’t be tempted by unwholesome traffic. Just last week, the email security gateway was all jacked-up on VoIP packets. You probably remember because he crashed soon afterwards. With a Security Fabric, we can avoid things like this, because we will only be seeing traffic that makes us stay in top form. This data diet will have us shedding vast amounts of excess weight you measure in capacity. We will get in shape and you will see it in our improved performance.

You might be skeptical that a Security Fabric can do all this, but there is research and science behind it. Using context-awareness and security intelligence, packets can be decrypted, de-duplicated, and intelligently delivered to each of us. That means only web traffic to the web application firewall and you can finally help the IDS with his binge streaming by removing Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora traffic. It's your call, but we haven't found a threat inside streaming media yet. Oh, and don’t worry about the data recorder, he can still get every packet.