Self-Provisioned, On-Demand, and Virtual Development, Test, and QA Environments

May 20, 2014 by Ixia Blog Team

Kash Iftikhar, VP Sales and Business Development at PLUMgrid, described how enterprises and service providers can enable and test cloud data centers using PLUMgrid and Ixia solutions. PLUMgrid’s Openstack Networking Suite is innovative software platform for creating virtual network infrastructures. PLUMgrid sits on top of your physical infrastructure to virtualize infrastructure with the click of a button, all with no changes to your physical network.

This solution uses overlay technology, such as VXLAN tunnels, to enable self-provisioned, on-demand, and virtual development, test, and QA environments. Software engineers can choose from a library of topologies or create a custom network to test in physical or virtual environments.

Just as you would create virtual machines (VMs), PLUMgrid provides the ability to create, provision, copy, and migrate virtual domains that include network functions virtualization (NFV). PLUMgrid offers network functions such as DHCP server and router services and has a growing list of select third-party vendors that offer other virtualized network services such as switches, L4 load balancers, firewalls, and testing. Ixia’s IxVM is one such product offering.

PLUMgrid users can simply drag and drop IxVM into a topology to define how it connects with a virtual domain, without any configuration changes to the physical network or hypervisor. After inserting a service appliance as the device under test, such as F5 load balancer or Check Point firewall, the functionality and performance can be easily verified with IxVM. The virtual domain can also be mapped to physical interfaces to test physical appliances with various topologies. Once tested, the topology can be easily copied and deployed in production.

Cisco Live Interview with PLUMgrid’s Kash Iftikhar

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