Lloyd Serra
Ixia Senior Product Manager

Simplify Your Network Impairment Testing

November 14, 2017 by Lloyd Serra

At Ixia, we are focused on network emulation and we continue to enhance the Network Emulator II product for impairment testing. I want to highlight a few of our newer features that will simplify your impairment testing. These features are now available to all Network Emulator customers with a current maintenance contract.

Network Emulator II 3.0 - Rate Limiting – Policing


Key Features

  • Policing
  • Limits traffic data rate
  • Can be line or profile based
  • MEF10 compliant (Metro Ethernet Forum)

Network Emulator II 3.1 - Rate Limiting – Shaping


Key Features

  • Controls outgoing traffic to prevent buffer overflow and reduces the burstiness of traffic
  • Applied to ensure smoothness of traffic
  • Can be applied at the line or profile level
  • Metro Ethernet Forum MEF10 compliant

Network Emulator II 3.2 - Modification and Correction


Key Features

Packet Modification

  • 6 selection engines with same selection criteria as profiles
  • 8 consecutive bytes can be modified, starting on byte boundary

CRC Correction

  • Unconditionally and Conditionally
  • Final 4 bytes of Ethernet packet
  • Checksum optionally corrected (IPv4, TCP, UDP, RSVP)

To get these new features, update your Network Emulator II product through the Ixia Support site.