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Sinefa gives customers real-time network traffic insights by leveraging AWS and Ixia CloudLens

November 10, 2017 by Mayra Salman

Sinefa offers customers actionable insights into their network so they can achieve high-impact business results with real-time, live analytics at 1 second resolution across any device! This allows Sinefa's customers to reduce help-desk calls, improve customer satisfaction, and use insights from Sinefa to drive better business decisions.

Sinefa is able to deliver this to their customers by building a SaaS platform on AWS making extensive use of AWS services in their stack including EC2, RDS, ECS and ELB to name a few. Because it is built in the cloud, Sinefa is also able to offer a scale-able, multi-tenanted platform for its customers that allows a view from the physical to the cloud.

With its SaaS, multi-tenanted platform, Sinefa needs a way to secure and get insights from its own network operations and product in the cloud, at 1 second accuracy. To do this, Sinefa requires packet-level data access to the information transiting both its cloud product and cloud environment. Sinefa choses Ixia CloudLens to gain this packet-level visibility in AWS.

With CloudLens, Sinefa can access packet-data in its AWS environment – specifically across 100s of ECS based containers running on dozens of EC2 instances – mirror the data, filter relevant portions and then route it intelligently to our own monitoring platform in the cloud. Much like Sinefa, CloudLens is also built on the cloud. So as Sinefa's platform scales to meet its customer's demand, CloudLens is able to automatically scale with those instances, using metadata tag based groupings, as well as cloud security and monitoring platform instances, ensuring all data and insights can be gathered at the right time.

In addition to using CloudLens to monitor its own network, Sinefa will also be supporting their customers use of CloudLens as a way of gaining real-time network traffic insights into their own AWS tenancies.

The benefits of migrating to the public cloud, AWS, is the agility and cost-effectiveness provided by scale. By using CloudLens, Sinefa not only benefits by its own cloud implementation, it further amplifies those benefits with a pay-per-use visibility platform that scales as well.

With Ixia CloudLens and AWS, Sinefa is able to disrupt network monitoring, from observation to real-time, actionable insights!