Software Testing in the Always-On, DevOps World

June 23, 2015 by Ixia Blog Team

The pace of innovation and software development precludes the lengthy, waterfall-style approach to software engineering and testing we grew up with. There’s no lengthy beta cycle before you deploy. So how do you gain confidence in your application performance and security prior to deployment? How do you do cloud-scale testing and security validation? What’s the role of virtual testing platforms and automated regression testing?

Recently, I took some time and joined Edward Haletky (from The Virtual Practice website) on his Virtual Thoughts podcast to discuss how testing needs to change with the new forms of development and operations. This podcast covers methodologies for improving the performance and resilience of cloud applications via automated, virtualized testing and validation.

We also touch on Ixia’s IxChariot and Ixia BreakingPoint VE solutions.

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