Target Based Security - Defcon Session Friday 10 Aug

August 8, 2018 by Ixia Blog Team

Defcon 26

Attending DEFCON this week? Make sure to attend Garrett Montgomery’s session Target-Based Security Model Friday, August 10th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm in the Packet Hacking Village.

Have you ever been asked 'what is the best way to protect against $ATTACK'? (usually shortly after $ATTACK makes headlines). Have you ever been challenged to provide the reasoning behind your suggestion? If you were in a room full of experts, would your reasoning hold up under scrutiny? When you discuss with your security-savvy peers, you're quickly come to a consensus on the 'best' control (!= device) to protect against $ATTACK. But do you know WHY it's the 'best'?

The Target-Based Security Model is essentially a framework that breaks down attacks to their component level. This breakdown makes it easy to see what the 'best' security controls are - as well as alternative security controls that could also be applied. Its not so much something new, as it is a new way for the industry to communicate about security. In much the same way that the OSI model allows for developers to know they are talking about the same thing, a common security model allows security professionals to communicate in a vendor-agnostic manner. Think of it as a translation tool for vendor-speak.

In this talk we'll present the Target-Based Security model and discuss the following: how it came to be, what it is, and how to use it. And of course, we'll talk about how it can be used to make the world a better place - provided we all agree to use it.

Garett Montgomery (Twitter: @garett_monty) has been a Security Researcher at BreakingPoint (since acquired by Ixia; since acquired by Keysight) for the last 6+ years. Prior to joining BreakingPoint he had been employed as a Security Analyst at the Naval Postgraduate School and then an IPS Signature Developer. He holds an MS in Information Assurance and numerous (likely since-expired) security certifications. A self-described packet-monkey, he enjoys automating all the things.