Keith Bromley
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Ixia

Testing Is the Only Source of Real Truth for Network Visibility

November 30, 2016 by Keith Bromley

Maybe I spent too many years in Missouri (the “Show Me” state) but I believe in proof of concepts and backing up what you say with actions. Ixia has the same philosophy. That’s why we had an independent test house, The Tolly Group, test our NTO 5288 network packet broker (NPB) product to see how it actually performed in regards to packet filtering, de-duplication, and processing speed.

The NTO product worked as specified. It handled multiple packet processing features (deduplication and packet slicing) at full line rate (160 Gbps) using the Ixia Advanced Feature Module (AFM). There was no packet loss and there were no performance issues. This included running multiple functions at one time at the full stated line rate of 160 Gbps.

As a reality check, the Ixia product was compared to another vendor’s product for benchmarking purposes of the packet processing features. Interestingly enough, the other vendor’s products did not perform as well as Ixia. It dropped packets at all sizes, but especially for packets with a frame size of 64, 128 and 256 bytes. It dropped a significant number of packets for those frame sizes. For instance, the non-Ixia solution had a 72.6% frame loss for a 64 byte frame size and a 53% frame loss for a 128 byte frame size. And this was at 40 Gbps (where the other competitor topped out in a “like for like” comparison), not at 160 Gbps like the Ixia NTO.

In the end, it all comes down to testing your products – what do you think they do, what does the vendor say they do, and what do they ACTUALLY do. Ixia stands by its products and solutions to deliver the best experience possible for customers. If you can’t trust your visibility architecture to deliver all of the information to your security tools, how can you make informed decisions? As we all know, poor decisions and malfunctioning products create blind spots that result in higher costs, security holes, and potential compliance issues for you.

The full report is located here so you can make your own conclusions. If you have questions, reach out to Ixia and we can show you the truth in person with a full demonstration.